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    Default Facility Qualification

    Dear All,

    What are different in puts to be incorporated during preparation of facility qualification protocol.


    Prashant Mhetre

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    Hi pcmhetre,

    depending on how much detail you would like to include but best to start of with Floor, wall, ceiling, door finishes. The material used in the construction. No gaps or cracks in the walls. No area that has crevices or crewates areas that will be difficult to clean and/or collect dust. Flush mounted light fittings. Room data sheets need to be checked and corrected if need be for room dimensions and layout. The installation of the utilities, are they the correct utilities and have they been installed in the correct location.

    Just a few to start you off on the long journey of Facility qualification but hope it helps.

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    thank you Durga it really helps me for my comapny in hyderabad

    asit mahapatra


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