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    Default IOPQ of a Liquid Nitrogen Auto Fill Tank

    Good day to you all,

    Would anyone happen to have a template for an IOPQ for a Liquid Nitrogen Auto Fill Tank? Are their any special tests that you have found the industry likes to see? Any information you can provide is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Brian D. Samosky
    Validation Specialist
    ENV Services, Inc.

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    Warmest Regards,

    Brian D. Samosky
    Validation Specialist
    ENV Services, Inc.

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    http://www.usvalidation.com/kb/eq_ln2_freezer.aspx This site has basic information for qualifying LN2 freezers. Of course your OQ would depend on whether or not the intent is to store product in the vapor phase or submerged in the liquid (liquid phase storage requires no mapping). So the real challenges would be for the auto-fill/shutoff functions and alarm functions, and temperature mapping/open door recovery challenges if using vapor storage. Other than that there isn't really much more to LN2 freezers.
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